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Focus on Inner Beauty for Healthy, Happy and Content Life

By Latha Krishnan

The most neglected aspect in today's fast paced materialistic world is the Inner Beauty. Most people are so engrossed with the outer beauty of everything, whether it is a person, a home or a thing, that they forget what really matters in life.

Let us see what actually defines inner beauty in a person?

It is so sad to see that most people equate beauty to only physical appearance of an individual. This is very shallow thinking because you had no control on how your physical features were when you were born and if they turned out to be good, then you had nothing to do with it, so your pride on it is baseless. On the other hand, if you are sweet tempered, kind, loving, confident, have a wonderful aura about yourself, are peace loving and have a great attitude, then you must have worked a lot to build yourself this way and you should congratulate yourselves on your efforts because you are truly beautiful!

These days the social media is so obsessed with external beauty, whether it's your body, clothes, make-up, accessories etc., that the young generation feels that if we are not like this, then we are a failure and no one will like us. This is utter rubbish. This is what has lead to so much increase in cases of Depression amongst the youth. This has also resulted in multiple health issues because to stay in shape people follow an unnatural diet plan or take extra medication to grow a muscular body or do plastic surgeries, which fail if it doesn't suit that person. Even the cosmetic industry lures the youth by giving fake promises of fair & glowing skin and smooth & silky hair using products that are filled with chemicals and are in reality harmful.

Let us list down a few things that negatively impact us due to this shallow minded focus on external beauty:

  1. Cosmetics - Every person's natural skin is unique and beautiful. It faces issues such as dull skin, dryness, rashes, spots etc. due to our poor eating and lifestyle habits. But the billion dollars cosmetics industry makes you focus on external chemical products that promise to cure all your issues so that you keep using their products that will keep harming your natural skin and keep your focus away from trying to figure out the root cause and be free from all those chemicals. Frankly, your skin can glow with natural beauty if you eat fruits and vegetables, avoid oily or junk food, sweets as much as you can. You also need to exercise and go out in the sun (without sunscreen lotion). This is because such diet and exercise provides your body with all the needed vitamins and minerals that naturally adds to its glow and flawless complexion. Especially in case of women, most skin, hair and body related issues arise due to hormonal imbalances, which can be kept in check with proper diet and exercise regime. If you still do not believe me, then use Google to see how many consumers lodge legal cases against such cosmetic companies because usage of their products caused them permanent harm rather than enhance their beauty.
  2. Hair Products - Have you heard people saying that they started using hair dye to colour few white hair and now they cannot stop dying their hair because all of it is turning white after usage of dyes? That is the ultimate goal of the Hair products industry, to ensure that you keep using their products no matter what. Recently there have also been cases where girls tried to smoothen their hair using some products and ended up actually losing all their hair because the chemicals badly reacted with their scalp, it did not suit them. In olden days, people's hair used to turn grey when they aged a lot and by a lot I mean 60 to 70 years. Nowadays you can even see school kids have few grey hair. All because of our life style, the pollution, even the food and water is contaminated with pesticides. Besides that, from early childhood parents expose children to shampoo, conditioner, junk foods like chips, packed juices and sodas, which just ruin the perfectly healthy born babies. Let's do what was done in olden days. Let us grow and use natural herbs and flowers to wash our hair, dry it using the scented fumes of sambrani or benzoin powder. Ensure that our diet includes all essential vitamins and minerals and our exercise regime & exposure to sun help us in good oxygen and blood circulation in the body, which will aid in beautiful hair growth.
  3. People - Never bias between people just because of their physical beauty. Wearing beautiful make-up, wearing stunning dress and accessories does not necessarily mean that person is good company. Many friendships and relationships based purely on such physical aspects have resulted in ruin because this shows the basic shallow minded nature of the people involved, which does not bode well. Our physical beauty is so temporary because it can go away anytime due to some accident, illness or simply old age. It is the beautiful nature that will always stay with us no matter what situation we are in. No matter how beautiful a person is, if they speak ill or treat you badly you will find them extremely ugly. As the wise saying goes: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

So friends, let us focus on enhancing our natural inner beauty in all aspects of our lives and see discernible improvement in the health, happiness and quality of our life.

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