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How to Search for a Good Book to Read

By Latha Krishnan

As the saying goes:

"You are the books you read. Choose wisely what you feed your mind." -  Unknown

Since everyone is unique, their choices are also different. With millions of great books to choose from, it is no wonder that you are spoilt for choices. So many books have been authored and published, which cater to every situation or age you might be in your life. Some books are so well authored that no matter how many times you read it, you will get a different perspective, based on the life experiences you have had since you last read that book.

Just like every other thing (music, art, dance, movies etc.), books can also be categorised under various genres like Thriller, Fiction, Romance, Sci Fi, Memoir and Autobiography, Fantasy, Children etc. Now let us see how we can choose a good book to read.

Book Choosing Process:

  1. Decide on which Genre you enjoy. For example, some people only like reading Romance novels for their feel good factor. Whereas, some people always look out for the latest in Fantasy and Fiction because it carries the reader to a completely new world. Some are intrigued by the lives of famous people in history, which piques their interest in Biographies or Autobiographies.
  2. Try to figure out what your latest interest is or what is your current situation in life. Generally, if you choose a book keeping this in mind, it is most likely that you will actually finish reading the book you choose, because you can relate well with it. For example, if you are a science geek, you would love a well rated Sci Fi novel or the Biographies or Autobiographies of famous scientists to understand what motivated them. Or if you feel you currently lack motivation and clarity, then you might be inclined towards Philosophical books. So think about what you currently want.
  3. Understand the type of reader you are: a) Light reader i.e. you prefer short and crisp books. b) Avid reader i.e. size of the book does not matter to you as long as it is worth the read. c) Continuous or Non-continuous reader i.e. you either love reading books at a stretch and finish it off quickly Or you prefer reading it in breaks as you please. Knowing which category you fall under will help you in choosing the right volume of book and style of writing.
  4. Style of writing. You will find that a similar topic is covered by various authors in different styles of writing. Author's own character or preference is reflected in their style of writing. They can be witty, serious, easy going, reflective, charming, dragging etc. Take your pick!
  5. Check out the reviews and ratings. Whether you search in a library, online or bookstore there are various ways in which you can select your book once you have filtered your requirement based on the above points. If in a library or bookstore, always read through the gist of the book generally captured on the back cover. You can always search online for reviews and ratings of the book.

Hope the above points give you an insight on how to choose your type of books. Because successfully choosing the right book for yourself increases the chances of you fully reading all the lovely books you get, otherwise this task can become pretty daunting. Once you get the hang of it, I assure you that you won't stop at anything!

Happy reading!

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