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It's easier said than done!

By Supriya Anand

Life is not sorted. Things are not working the way you want. No one seems to be happy with you. You have not much control over your thoughts. You desperately want to bring your life back on track. You turn to seek advice and guess what, you get it.


But you are still at the same place, trying hard to bring back balance to your life but think again. Are you really trying??

Problem is in your life. It's your life. Others can only give you tried and tested formulas to lead your life. Tried and tested, but of course, not on you. You need to figure out what works for your life.

One practical step.

Let's start with just one (let me be honest, difficult to achieve) step. FOCUS.

Bring back focus in your life. Focus on every damn thing you are doing. This includes even washing your hands, eating your food, combing your hair, every small or big thing that you do.


  1. Saving Time & Energy

As you focus more on the task at hand, you are saving time and energy (I know these small tasks don't take much time and energy but add up time and energy on all these small tasks and you will see the difference).

  1. Taking back control of your mind

As you improve your focus, you are learning to control your mind. To lead your life from front, you have to control your mind, instead of the other way round. As it is said, our mind is a great slave but an (extremely) poor master.

  1. Controlling distractions (unhealthy thoughts) from entering into your mind

Our mind has a way of tricking us by reminding us again and again of the things or events that were not so happy or those that did not go well according to us. It has a way of tricking you to distract your mind by thinking about what if and what if not(s). What if I had done this, what if I had said this, what if this hadn't happened, list goes on and you are stuck in this never ending loop. Result: Do you even remember what you were doing?

So, let's start with this (not so easy) step,


See you soon!

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