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Illustrated Mahabharata Book For Children (Black and White)

Wonder House Books

  • Rs. 195.00

ISBN: 9789354405419

Author: Wonder House Books

Age Group: 7+

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Dimensions: 21 x 13 x 1.4 cm

Pages: 159

Publisher: Wonder House Books

Published Date: 2023

The Mahabharata is the longest narrative in the world chronicling the fortunes of the Kuru dynasty.

Amidst all the grandeur and heroism, the friendships, alliances and feuds, lies the coveted throne of Hastinapur. Who will ascend it? What will it cost the rightful heir?

Lucidly retold by acclaimed author Anupa Lal, this timeless epic tale is sure to enthral readers as it brings alive a mythical world of strange encounters, magical weapons and a raging battlefield.

Bursting with vivid illustrations by award-winning illustrator Ishan, this book elucidates the integral role Karma and Dharma plays in life.

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