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About us One-stop solution to all your reading needs is an e-commerce or electronic retailing (e-tailing) store. Our current product range includes only books.

We are based in Bangalore.

Our effort is to provide customers with all varieties of books – fiction, non-fiction, business, religious, self-help, education, children books; at the lowest possible prices.

We believe that more than the price, it is the overall experience that drives the customers to a particular service provider.  Keeping this in mind, we are constantly trying to improve our services and keep our customers happy.

Our services:

We have an extensive catalogue of books under various categories. We are in a constant strive to expand our catalogue in order to provide our customers with the latest and wide range of content under various categories.

For convenience, we have provided separate sections on our website.

  • Love for printed books! : Provides access to a wide range of printed books. For convenience, various filters and sorting options are provided to refine your search.
  • Children’s Corner: "Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression." In order to create an everlasting positive impression on your child, select from a wide range of children books, divided by age group for convenience.
  • Learner’s Corner: "Whatever your life situation might be, books can give you the motivation needed to move forward." Select from our wide range of books related to academics, professional, self-help, hobbies; and give yourself the required knowledge to move forward in life.
  • Author’s Corner: "Authors have to power to transport us to an entirely different world." Know about your favourite author, choose more books from your favourite authors and even try a new genre of writing. Get all the details from our Author’s Corner.
  • Blogs: People who have the passion for writing but do not have a platform to share their views can use BOOKSETGO blog to share their views with the world. You can write to us and share content to be posted on our blog. For more details, refer Contact us page.