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The 50 Things: Lessons For When You Feel Lost

The 50 Things: Lessons For When You Feel Lost

Peter Dunne

  • Rs. 185.00

ISBN: 9781409175674

Author: Peter Dunne


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Orion Publishing Group

Imprint: Trapeze

Pages: 256

As his 50th birthday dawned, Peter Dunne had a life-changing conversation with a friend and realised that, while he may not have invented the internet or found a cure for cancer, he had nonetheless fathered three remarkable and beautiful children. Inspired by that fact, he set out to leave a trail of metaphorical breadcrumbs for them, so that if they ever needed to know what their father might have had to say on a particular subject, it would be set down for them. The result is a book of letters from a father to his children, and though the stories are firmly set in a place and time, the themes and the tone are universal and timeless. From Compromise to Compassion, from Democracy to Sacrifice, THE 50 THINGS explores the social mores and morality of our time and tries to answer the eternal questions that line the path to peace of mind.