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5 Mantras Only Successful Students Know

Chandan Deshmukh

  • Rs. 189.00

ISBN: 9780143449201

Author: Chandan Deshmukh

Age Group: 10+

Language: English

Binding: Paperback


Pages: 144

Publisher: Penguin

Published Date: 16-Aug-2021

Does success happen by chance or are there certain ways to achieve it?

Who determines your success?

1. That nosy relative who pesters you with questions

2. Friends whose social media posts reflect their 'perfect' lives

3. You Success holds different meanings for different people, but the feeling of wanting success is universal. However, most students end up being their own greatest enemy when they start comparing their life story with others' achievements.

In this well-researched self-help book, Chandan Deshmukh unpacks five simple and insightful mantras, which are easy to put into action from Day 1, for you to conquer the world!

-Written by the bestselling author of 7 Dreams Jobs and How to Find Them and 6 Secrets Smart Students Don't Tell You

- Includes step-by-step methods and tips for smart studying and achieving academic success

-Narrated through interactive graphs and fun artworks that are tailor-made for future school and college toppers

-Perfect for students who like learning beyond textbooks

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