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A Rural Manifesto: Realizing India's Future through Her Villages by Feroze Varun Gandhi

A Rural Manifesto: Realizing India's Future through Her Villages

Feroze Varun Gandhi

  • Rs. 879.00

ISBN: 9789353333096

Author: Feroze Varun Gandhi

Language: English

Binding: Hardback

Publisher: Rupa Publications India Pvt Ltd.

Published Year: December 2018

Pages: 848

A must-read for all those interested in the challenges facing rural India today, whether or not they agree with all the arguments.

A Rural Manifesto sparks a national conversation on rural distress, highlighting the potential solutions to putting the village economy on an even keel, while exploring how the vast majority of India ekes out a living.

In this heartfelt and timely book, covering facets of the Indian rural economy, Feroze Varun Gandhi shines a bright light on the travails of the marginal farmer and asks searching questions on why the rural economy remains in doldrums, six decades after Independence.

Through a series of vignettes, the book explores rural India's innate perseverance and highlights potential solutions in development policy with a focus on making the rural economy resilient.

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