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Abraham Lincoln: From the Log Cabin to the White House

Abraham Lincoln: From the Log Cabin to the White House

Lewis Helfand

  • Rs. 269.00

ISBN: 9789380741215

Author: Lewis Helfand

Illustrator: Manikandan

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Campfire Graphic Novels

Born to illiterate parents in the untamed frontiers of America and raised with virtually no formal education, Abraham Lincoln often questioned his future. But he took comfort in knowing that he had the freedom to choose his own path in life. Freedom, he believed, was a precious thing, and he was certain that no man had the right to enslave another. Unfortunately, not everyone in America shared that belief. In the mid-19th century, America was a nation with more than 4 million slaves; it was a nation that had lost its moral compass, a nation that was desperate for a leader to step forward. That leader was Abraham Lincoln. Thrust into the national spotlight when his conscience would not let him turn away from injustice, Abraham Lincoln took control of a shattered nation at the cusp of a civil war. And he helped ensure that the idea of freedom for all did not perish, and that America lived up to the dream of its Founding Fathers.

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