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Anita: A Trophy Wife by Sujatha Rangarajan

Anita: A Trophy Wife

Sujatha Rangarajan

  • Rs. 185.00

ISBN: 9789386850027

Author: Sujatha Rangarajan

Translator: Meera Ravishankar


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Westland

Pages: 144

Sujatha was the pseudonym of Tamil author S. Rangarajan, one of the most popular authors in Tamil literature; his literary career spanned more than four decades. Of his many works, Anita—A Trophy Wife (Ilam Manaivi) was one of the most well-known.

Featuring Advocate Ganesh, of the author's Ganesh–Vasanth duo, the novel describes the strained relationship between a middle-aged man and a beautiful young woman in poignant and simple terms. It brings out the nuances of a power struggle, while retaining the humour and wit that is a trademark of Sujatha's novels.

At one level a detective story and, at another, a psychological humdinger, in Sujatha's deft telling, this story acquires a timelessness. Ably translated by Meera Ravishankar, the book is quintessential Sujatha—gripping, perceptive and superbly written.

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