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Anticancer Living: The Six Step Solution to Transform Your Health

Anticancer Living: The Six Step Solution to Transform Your Health

Lorenzo Cohen & Alison Jefferies

  • Rs. 619.00

ISBN: 9781785040757

Author: Lorenzo Cohen & Alison Jefferies

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Random House UK

Imprint: Vermilion

Pages: 432

The revolutionary, science-based plan to reclaim your health "You have cancer." These are perhaps the most feared three words that will ever come out of a doctor's mouth, and more and more people are hearing them. Yet most patients (and some doctors) do not realize that lifestyle changes can dramatically reduce risk, assist treatment and improve chances of surviving and even thriving after a diagnosis. Over the course of a major study Servan-Schreiber designed with Dr Lorenzo Cohen at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, six key areas have emerged: love and social support, stress management, rest, movement, nutrition and avoiding environmental toxins. Each plays a role--but it's the synergies created by this potent "Mix of Six" that can bring about real shifts in health and well-being, significantly improving quality of life and positively supporting conventional cancer treatments. Dr. David Servan-Schreiber's Anticancer introduced a revolutionary way to understand and confront cancer, changing the lives of millions around the world. He laid out the principles of integrative care that had allowed him to live many years beyond expectations for his own cancer, but readers have long requested a specific plan to implement his approach. Anticancer Living is that book.

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