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Arise Arjuna by David Frawley

Arise Arjuna

David Frawley

  • Rs. 439.00

ISBN: 9789388134989

Author: David Frawley

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Published Year: 18-Nov-2018

Pages: 228

Arise Arjuna is a call for India's Arjuna spirit of courage, daring and compassion to rise again to face the forces of intellectual and spiritual darkness and dispel them for a higher light of truth to manifest.

India faces a modern Kurukshetra as the forces of dharma and adharma clash again in a conflict that will determine the future of the nation. On one side are the forces of economic growth, cultural revival and a renewed vision of the country in harmony with its yogic values. On the other side are forces of religious prejudices, baseless propaganda, social division and materialistic political ideologies.

Mere retreat, passivity or compromise cannot overcome past adversaries or the new dangers that are lurking in our conflicted media age, its invasive technology and the disruptive clash of cultures. India needs to benefit from the opportunities of the dawning knowledge era where its dharmic traditions can prosper once again. A new spiritual warrior, equipped with yogic power and Vedantic insights, is necessary like Arjuna was under the guidance of Sri Krishna.

This book is a call for new Arjunas to emerge among us, learn the skills of the information age and uphold the cause of dharma with discernment and dedication on both intellectual and spiritual levels. Only through this can we awaken our spirit to uplift our world at this critical juncture of human history when the very foundations of life are threatened.

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