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Asterix and the Chariot Race 37

Asterix and the Chariot Race 37

Jean-Yves Ferri

  • Rs. 439.00

ISBN: 9781510104037

Author: Jean-Yves Ferri


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Hachette Children's Group

Imprint: Orion Children's Books

Pages: 48

Asterix and the Chariot Race: the title of the 37th album recounting the adventures of our friends from Gaul has finally been revealed! The year is 50 BC. Italy is entirely under Rome’s control, well, not entirely… Though Caesar dreams of a united Italy, the peninsula is made up of various fiercely independent regions. And life isn’t easy for the garrisons of Roman legionaries charged with keeping an eye on them all… In October, Asterix will be heading to Italy. Get ready for an incredible trip across the peninsula!

The characters created by the two comic book geniuses Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny are back!

After Asterix and the Picts and Asterix and the Missing Scroll, Asterix and Obelix are back with Asterix and the Chariot Race, the new album written by the talented Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad.

Unfortunately for Obelix, the inhabitants of Ancient Italy are not all Romans! The Italics want to keep their independence and take a dim view of Julius Caesar and his Legions’ plans for total domination. In Asterix and the Chariot Race, our heroes will embark on an exciting adventure to explore the fascinating world of Ancient Italy!


"Italy is so much more than Caesar, Rome and the Coliseum!" explain Didier Conrad and Jean-Yves Ferri. "We realised that it was finally time for Asterix and Obelix to find out what Italy was really like! And we were sure Albert Uderzo would approve, as his family is originally from Venice."

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