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Boy in a Blue Pullover by Ruskin Bond

Boy in a Blue Pullover

Ruskin Bond

  • Rs. 265.00

ISBN: 9789353338312

Author: Ruskin Bond

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Rupa Publications India

Published Date: 05-Feb-2020

Pages: 224

Age Group: 12+

Coin clutched in his hot hand,

He ran off laughing, bright.

The coin I'd lost an hour ago;

But better his that night.

In this collection, Ruskin Bond - the writer from the mountains - brings to life the many facets of the place he calls home. The people here may not have the big luxuries of life, but they are satisfied with the small joys because Nature provides for them in abundance. Just like the poor boy in a blue pullover, who is overjoyed at finding a coin with which he can buy himself a buckle for his belt; little Rakesh, who feels like God on having successfully grown a cherry tree in his Grandfather's garden; or Binya and her village folk, who covet not money or jewels, but a pretty blue umbrella.

Each short story, essay and poem in Boy in a Blue Pullover is like a whiff of fresh mountain air.

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