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Empire Of The Moghul: Raiders From The North

Empire Of The Moghul: Raiders From The North

Alex Rutherford

  • Rs. 439.00

ISBN: 9780755356546

Author: Alex Rutherford


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Headline Book Publishing

Imprint: Headline Review

Pages: 512

The epic story of the rise and fall of one of the most powerful and opulent dynasties in history. It is 1494 when the ruler of Ferghana dies in an extraordinary accident. His only son, twelve-year-old Babur, faces a seemingly impossible challenge. Young Babur is determined to live up to the example of his great ancestor, Tamburlaine - Timur the Warrior - whose conquests transformed the face of the earth from Delhi to the Mediterranean, from wealthy Persia to the wildernesses along the Volga. But he is dangerously young to inherit a kingdom. Before Babur can summon enough warlords to declare him the rightful king of Ferghana, plots against his crown, even his life, are hatching. And soon, as his obsession with Timur's legacy and the fabled city of Samarkand grows, and Babur becomes a man, he will discover that even the bravest and most fearless leader can be betrayed. With the wisest of advisers and most courageous of warriors by his side, Babur can achieve a great destiny.

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