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Hiring & Firing (The Brian Tracy Success Library) by Brian Tracy

Hiring & Firing (The Brian Tracy Success Library)

Brian Tracy

  • Rs. 245.00

ISBN: 9789387383098

Author: Brian Tracy

Language: English

Binding: Hardback

Publisher: HarperCollins

Imprint: Manjul

Published Year: 01-Feb-2018

Pages: 112


Powerful, practical and pocket-sized, THE BRIAN TRACY SUCCESS LIBRARY is a fourteen-volume series of portable, hardbound books that interweave nuggets of Tracy's trademark wisdom with engaging real-life examples and practical tools, tactics and strategies for learning and honing basic business skills. This is a powerful, handy, reference series for managers, professionals, employees - just about anyone who wants a quick, easy, reliable and effective overview of and insights into aspects critical to business.

Two of the most crucial tasks you face as a manager - hiring and firing - are hard to get right, and can potentially be costly to get wrong. They are vital to both, the success of the enterprise…and your own career. Hiring and firing are key to improving your team and reaching your goals.

This indispensable book helps you eliminate the guesswork and make the best decisions for your business, by breaking down the simple but powerful strategies you can use to bring better employees on board…and weed out the weaker ones. Featuring techniques that business expert Brian Tracy has identified as the most effective and that he himself employs.

Hiring and Firing reveals how you can:

• Write appealing and accurate job descriptions

• Find suitable candidates

• Use the Law of Three when interviewing

• Ask the right questions

• Probe past performance

• Listen for the questions that indicate interviewees are qualified and serious

• Dig deep when checking references

• Negotiate salary

• Start new employees off strong

• Provide clear direction and regular feedback

• Document performance problems

• De-hire gracefully

• Create an appropriate severance package

• And more

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