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History Of The Deccan  by J. D. B. Gribble

History Of The Deccan

J. D. B. Gribble

  • Rs. 440.00

ISBN: 9788171679454

Author: J. D. B. Gribble

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Rupa

Published Year: 2002

Pages: 291

The Deccan, historically, is that portion of Southern India which is bounded by the Godavari and the Vindhya mountains on the north and the Krishna and the Tungabhadra to the south. Apart from inscriptions and architectural remains, there were practically no authentic records of its history till the end of the thirteenth century, when the Delhi Sultans made their presence felt here. An independent Mughal kingdom was established in the Deccan, which lasted for more than three hundred years, a period full of the most interesting and romantic episodes. The present volume was an attempt to write a connected history of the Deccan, piecing together scattered references in existing histories, in some cases relying on the author’s close study of the subject. The work can be read in two parts, the opulence of the Mughal kingdom of the first giving way to the political fortunes of the French and the British in Hyderabad in the next. Anecdotal in character, supplemented by delightful sketches and photographs, the History of the Deccan is an interesting as well as informative read.

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