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History Repeating

History Repeating

Sam Wilkin

  • Rs. 529.00

ISBN: 9781788161497

Author: Sam Wilkin


Binding: TPB

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd

Imprint: Profile Books


Beneath the noise and confusion of history, from Lenin and Khomeini to Trump and Brexit, there are patterns. The same drama plays out again and again, with minor variations. It isn't the story you think you know. It contains surprises and profound mysteries. But once you have seen the inner logic of the past century's political disasters, you might just be ready to face the interesting times to come.Most of the time, politics is boring. In most countries, the Average Joe rules. Extremists of the left and right can gnash their teeth but serious politicians know they desert the centre ground at their peril. It's the iron law of electoral politics.

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