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How the Pig Became Dirty And Other Animal Stories by Rahul Kansal

How the Pig Became Dirty And Other Animal Stories

Rahul Kansal

  • Rs. 399.00

ISBN: 9789386887054

Author: Rahul Kansal

Illustrator: Vijay Manure

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Goodearth

Imprint: Goodearth

Published Year: 05-Nov-2018

Pages: 56

Fully illustrated 56-page book with over 20 full-page and over 20 smaller illustrations.

Each vibrant scene is hand-drawn and brightly painted in water colours.

How did the pig become dirty? The saras get its long neck? And the langoor his black face? Biologists may have their own theories, to do with nature and evolution and whatnot, but the real story - believe it or not - lies within these colourful tales!

This is a set of three hilarious 'origin' stories that know just how the animals we know and love today, got their distinctive features. Set in the village of Pashupur, with a wide cast of animal characters, these fun stories have them all - rascally monkeys, ravenous cranes, rule-abiding pigs, and rakish parrots.

Sparkling with humour and imagination, the stories promise to entertain children with their creativity and conversational tone, and even spur them to create their own origin theories.

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