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Hyperfocus: How to Work Less to Achieve More by Chris Bailey

Hyperfocus: How to Work Less to Achieve More

Chris Bailey

  • Rs. 529.00

ISBN: 9781509866113

Author: Chris Bailey

Language: English

Binding: Trade Paperback

Publisher: Pan Macmillan UK

Imprint: Macmillan

Published Year: 06-Sep-2018

Pages: 256

The life hack that you've been waiting for - to work less in order to increase your productivity - by 'the most productive man you could ever hope to meet' as described by

'The best productivity plans call for strategy, not just hacks or tactics - and Hyperfocus gives you strategy in spades. When you read this book, get ready to do your most important work!' Chris Guillebeau

A practical guide to managing your attention - the most powerful resource you have to become more creative, get stuff done, and live a more meaningful life

Our attention has never been as overwhelmed as it is today and we've never been so busy while accomplishing so little.

In Hyperfocus, the bestselling author of The Productivity Project provides profound insights into how we can best manage our attention. Chris Bailey reveals how the brain switches between two mental modes - hyperfocus, our deep concentration mode, and scatterfocus, our creative, reflective mode - and how the surest path to being our most creative and efficient selves at work is to combine them both.

In Hyperfocus, you will learn:

• How working fewer hours can increase our productivity

• How drinking caffeine strategically instead of habitually gives us more energy

• How we get more done by making our work harder, not easier

• How we do our best creative work when we're the most tired

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