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It's Not About the Burqa by Mariam Khan

It's Not About the Burqa

Mariam Khan

  • Rs. 509.00

ISBN: 9781509886425

Author: Mariam Khan

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Pan Macmillan UK

Imprint: Picador

Published Date: 06-Feb-2020

Pages: 272

Age Group: Adult

When was the last time you heard a Muslim woman speak for herself without a filter?

Shortlisted for Foyles Non-Fiction Book of the Year.

'Engrossing . . . fascinating . . . courageous' - Observer

When writer Mariam Khan found herself increasingly frustrated with a national discourse that marginalized Muslim women's voices, she decided it was time for something new. Why was she only hearing about Muslim women from other people? Why weren't Muslim women given the chance to speak for themselves?

It's Not About the Burqa is poised to change all that. Here are voices you won't see represented in the headlines: seventeen Muslim women speaking frankly about the hijab and wavering faith, about love and divorce, about feminism, queer identity, sex, and the twin threats of a disapproving community and a racist country. These essays are funny, warm, sometimes sad, and often angry, and each is a passionate declaration calling time on oppression, lazy stereotyping, misogyny and Islamophobia.

What does it mean, exactly, to be a Muslim woman in the West today? According to the media, it's all about the burqa.

Here's what it's really about.

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