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Just Breathe by Radhika Vachani

Just Breathe

Radhika Vachani

  • Rs. 315.00

ISBN: 9789386224880

Author: Radhika Vachani


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Westland

Pages: 249

How do we find peace, permanence and certainty in a world that is, by its very nature, impermanent, uncertain and volatile?

The reality is that we experience our entire lives through the mind, and all our experiences of pain and pleasure, satisfaction and dissatisfaction stem from there. To create meaning and be happy, we must train our minds to become a fit instrument that supports our well-being and enables us to reach our full human potential.

In Just Breathe, Radhika Vachani takes you on an inspiring journey based on the ancient philosophy of the Yoga Sutras, to show you how to skilfully manoeuvre through this complex game called ‘Life'. Through simple, practical techniques, you'll discover that your breath is by far the most important tool in helping you master your mind, the route to satisfying, joyful life experiences.

Informative, introspective, simple and surprising, Just Breathe is a must-read for anyone wanting to experience life in all its fullness, while also enjoying optimal mental, emotional and physical wellness.

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