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Limca Book Of Record 2017

Limca Book Of Record 2017

  • Rs. 499.00

ISBN: 9789382867241

Author: NA


Binding: Hardback

Publisher: Coca Cola Company Of India

Imprint: Limca Book Of Records

Pages: 320

Did you know that the record for the highest bungee jump is held by a 67-year-old man from Delhi? Or that Safexpress is the largest supply chain and logistics company with a fleet of 4,500 GPS - enabled weatherproof vehicles covering more than 6,00,000 km per day? Or that Harish Raj essayed 16 roles in a single Kannada film? Or that yoga expert Khiv Raj Gurjar of Rajasthan performed 45 power yoga poses on his BMX bike in 6 min 36 secs?

The list goes on… For more than 27 years, the Limca Book of Records has been and comprehensive compendium of Indian records, our country’s parallel of the Guinness Book of World Records. It archives and celebrates the unique achievements of Indians in fields as wide-ranging as education to sports and culture to nature. It's a salute to all those Indians who want to do something different and be remembered for their distinctive deeds. In the course of presenting records, the Limca Book of Records is also an almanac of amazing feats and wonders for curious minds who want to keep up with awesome achievements of the people of our country.

For easy reading and recalling, the book is divided into 20 chapters : including the ever-popular Human Story section, there are sections on Education, Agriculture, Medical Science, Business, Sports, Nature, Adventure, Radio, Cinema & Theatre, Dance, Transport, Development, Armed Forces, Music, Painting, Government, Literature, Radio and Television. Far from being just a list of records, it has intriguing information and fascinating trivia on these topics too.

Both informative and inspirational, it is a must-have for all ages, whether you are looking for hard facts or intriguing and quotable factoids in this authoritative book of Indian record-making and record-breaking.

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