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Over and Under Ground in Mumbai and Paris by Karthika Nair & Sampurna Chatterjee

Over and Under Ground in Mumbai and Paris

Karthika Nair & Sampurna Chatterjee

  • Rs. 699.00

ISBN: 9789387578876

Author: Karthika Nair & Sampurna Chatterjee

Illustrator: Joëlle Jolivet & Roshni Vyam

Language: English

Binding: Hardback

Publisher: Westland

Imprint: Context

Published Year: September 2018

Pages: 144

It began with Karthika Naïr writing a poem about the Paris Métro and sending it to Sampurna Chatterjee in Mumbai, who in turn used the last line of Karthika’s poem to begin her poem about the Mumbai Local. Two more collaborators then joined in to build on the literary and visual landscapes that the two poets were bouncing off each other: Joëlle Jolivet and Roshni Vyam. The two artists travelled to the other’s country and created illustrations to go with the poems. The result is an unusual poetry-and-art collaboration by four hugely talented, highly acclaimed poets and artists.

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