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Philosophy Hacks by Robert Arp & Martin Cohen

Philosophy Hacks

Robert Arp & Martin Cohen

  • Rs. 619.00

ISBN: 9781788400398

Author: Robert Arp & Martin Cohen

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group

Imprint: Ilex Press

Published Year: 04-Oct-2018

Pages: 208

Discover the simple way to understand and remember the most groundbreaking concepts in 3,000 years of philosophical thought. Each idea is broken down into three stages:

1. The helicopter view, which gives you an introduction to the idea, and some context around it.

2. The shortcut, which gives you the core elements of the theory, along with a range of examples that everyone can understand.

3. The hack, which is a oneliner designed to stick in your memory and give you an instant grasp of the concept.

From Pascal's Wager to Kant's categorical imperative, and from Camus's Existential Nihilism to Arendt's Banality of Evil, there are 100 concepts explained. The perfect introduction to philosophy, this is a great new way to learn about the most important philosophical ideas and concepts in a way that makes them easy to recall even months after reading the book.

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