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Rainbow Magic: Meghan The Wedding Sparkle Fairy

Rainbow Magic: Meghan The Wedding Sparkle Fairy

Daisy Meadows & Georgie Ripper

  • Rs. 225.00

ISBN: 9781408356647

Author: Daisy Meadows & Georgie Ripper


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Hachette Children's Group

Imprint: Orchard Books


Join best friends Rachel and Kirsty for a very magical Royal Wedding! Meghan's special magic looks after the magic of matrimony everywhere. But when naughty Jack Frost steals her magical triple-jewelled engagement ring (that she wears on a charm round her neck), he breaks the spell of love in both the fairy and human worlds! Couples and best friends everywhere keep falling out, and forgetting what it is they love about each other. Kirsty and Rachel must help Meghan get her ring back before the Fairyland royal wedding, and weddings everywhere, are ruined!

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