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Ramya Ramamurthy

  • Rs. 529.00

ISBN: 9789351951407

Author: Ramya Ramamurthy


Binding: Hardback

Publisher: Hachette India

Imprint: Hachette India

Pages: 352

What happens when prominent brands: Send faulty products into the market? Defy governmental regulations? Back the wrong marketing message? Have management spats in public? Or simply fail to anticipate a major trend?

Over the years, prominent brands in India across product categories, both home-grown and multinational, have tackled crises – some unexpected and some self-inflicted, but each a defining factor in shaping a company’s future. In a first-of-its-kind narrative, Rebuild brings together the stories behind some of India’s biggest businesses that dealt with potential disaster and emerged on the other side – either victorious or wiser.

Digging deep into the crisis management strategies adopted by companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Kingfisher, Tata Sons, Indian Premier League, Facebook, Uber, Nokia, Nestlé Maggi Noodles and several more, it analyses the steps that different organizations have taken to minimize damage to their brand, and describes how (if at all) they recovered.

Featuring interviews with top management executives as well as expert brand-watchers, Rebuild closely examines the circumstances that cause brands to falter – faulty products, leadership changes, disastrous sales cycles and competition activity, among others – and provides invaluable insights that may serve as cautionary tales for organizations, both small and large.

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