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Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

Michael Isikoff & David Corn

  • Rs. 619.00

ISBN: 9781538714737

Author: Michael Isikoff & David Corn


Binding: TPB

Publisher: Hachette Book Group Usa

Imprint: Twelve

Pages: 352

RUSSIAN ROULETTE is a story of political skull duggery un-precedented in American history. It weaves together tales of international intrigue, cyber espionage, and superpower rivalry. After U.S.-Russia relations soured, as Vladimir Putin moved to reassert Russian strength on the global stage, Moscow trained its best hackers on U.S. political targets and exploited WikiLeaks to disseminate information that could affect the 2016 campaign. The Russians were wildly successful, and the great break-in of 2016 was no "in of 2016 was third rate burglary." It was far more sophisticated and sinister-a brazen act of political espionage designed to interfere with the election. At the end of the day, Trump, the candidate who pursued business deals with Russia, won. And millions of Americans were left wondering what the hell happened? This gripping and behind-the-scenes story of high-tech spying and political crisis will take the reader inside the White House, the Kremlin, the U.S. intelligence community, the Trump and Clinton campaigns, and both political parties. It will chronicle the strange relationship between Trump and Putin and the ties between Trump’s inner circle-including Paul Manafort, Donald Trump Jr., Michael Flynn, and Jared Kushner-and the Russians.

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