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Sahyadri Adventure: Anirudh's Dream by Deepak Dalal

Sahyadri Adventure: Anirudh's Dream

Deepak Dalal

  • Rs. 200.00

ISBN: 9789383260669

Author: Deepak Dalal


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Grey Oak Westland

Pages: 274

Once upon a time there were fields in the city of Mumbai. In its heartland there were forests where panthers roamed. In those days the sea flooded the channels that separated the seven islands of the city. On one of the islands there was a Fort guarded by cannons that bristled from black ramparts. Vikram had no idea of the existence of this Fort. Nor did his friend, Anirudh. But in a cave, on a windswept mountain in the Sahaydris, Anirudh had a dream. He dreamt of a boy named Irfan who once lived in this Fort. Chitra joins Vikram and Aditya and their new friend Anirudh, on the Sahaydri Mountains, where they embark on their strangest adventure yet.

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