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SHIVAJI The Grand Rebel by Dennis Kincaid

SHIVAJI The Grand Rebel

Dennis Kincaid

  • Rs. 265.00

ISBN: 9788129137203

Author: Dennis Kincaid

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Rupa

Published Year: August 2015

Pages: 345

A great warrior and skilled administrator, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, better known as Shivaji, was the founder of the great Maratha Empire, and one who instilled a sense of Maratha identity in his people.

At a time, when the Mughal Empire was at its zenith, Shivaji was the only one who dared to challenge the might of Emperor Aurangzeb. He steadily grew his army from a humble contingent of 2,000 soldiers to a force of 100,000. Assisted by a disciplined military system, a well-structured administrative organization and a deeply traditional society, soon the Maratha force became the only military power of consequence against the Mughals in India.

Including accounts of legendary encounters like those with the Adil-Shahi Sultanate and the menacing Aurangzeb, The Grand Rebel is an epic saga of an Indian warrior king whose tales of victory and valour have been inspiring the nation for centuries.

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