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So All Is Peace by Vandana Singh-Lal

So All Is Peace

Vandana Singh-Lal

  • Rs. 439.00

ISBN: 9780670093717

Author: Vandana Singh-Lal

Language: English

Binding: Hardback

Publisher: Penguin Viking

Published Date: 22-Dec-2019

Pages: 372

Age Group: Adult

But sit down, breathe deep, and ask a woman. Any woman. They are there.

When twin sisters Layla and Tanya are found starving in their upmarket apartment, there is frenzy in the media. How often does one find two striking, twenty-something women, one half-dead, the other not speaking, living in a state of disrepair and chaos, for no apparent reason? Theories about them are rampant, but disillusioned journalist Raman is loath to follow the story. That is, until Tanya begins to talk to him, and the darker truth behind the sisters' lives starts to unravel.

A richly atmospheric, deeply claustrophobic story with a stunning denouement, of two women confronting the everyday realities of their city and country, So all is Peace provides an unflinching insight into love, lust, fear, grief, and the decisions we make, through a cast of sharply drawn characters brought together by an unspoken wrong.

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