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The Hope Circuit

The Hope Circuit

Martin Seligman

  • Rs. 619.00

ISBN: 9781473691636

Author: Martin Seligman


Binding: TPB

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey

Imprint: Nicholas Brealey


Martin E. P. Seligman is one of the most decorated and popular psychologists of his generation. When he first encountered the discipline in the 1960s, it was devoted to eliminating misery: the science of how past trauma creates present symptoms. Today, thanks in large part to Seligman's own work pioneering the Positive Psychology movement, it is ever more focused on the bright side; gratitude, resilience, and hope.All the while, Seligman works out his theory of psychology, making a compelling and deeply personal case for the importance of virtues like hope, anticipation, gratitude, and wisdom for our mental health. You will walk away from this book not just educated but deeply enriched.

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