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The Made-in-India Manager by R. Gopalakrishnan & Ranjan Banerjee

The Made-in-India Manager

R. Gopalakrishnan & Ranjan Banerjee

  • Rs. 439.00

ISBN: 9789351952510

Author: R. Gopalakrishnan & Ranjan Banerjee

Language: English

Binding: Hardback

Publisher: Hachette India

Imprint: Hachette India

Published Year: 02-Nov-2018

Pages: 222

Shantanu Narayen at Adobe, Satya Nadella at Microsoft, Padmasree Warrier at NIO and Sundar Pichai at Google - there are, today, innumerable instances of CEOs born and bred in India, helming S&P's 500 companies. What accounts for such a prominent presence of Indian professionals across the world today?

In The Made-in-India Manager two stalwarts of Indian business and academics examine this little-studied phenomenon and present a compelling argument: that a unique combination of factors has catalysed Indian management thought and practices to be poised as a 'soft power' with the potential to decisively impact global managers of tomorrow. Drawing on their long and varied experience among corporates, the authors explore:

* the deep cultural influences that engender a sharp competitive instinct and an astute business perspective;

* the circumstances that inspire a high degree of resourcefulness in challenging situations;

* the ability to 'think in English and act in Indian', which enables flexible functioning in multicultural work environments;

* and, importantly, how today's young managers can build on these advantages and bring to the table their own generational learning, attitudes and capabilities to ensure future success.

Thought-provoking and provocative, this fascinating treatise takes a long view of where Indian professionals are headed, and makes for compulsory reading for every management practitioner - of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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