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The Tandoor Murder by Maxwell Pereira

The Tandoor Murder

Maxwell Pereira

  • Rs. 529.00

ISBN: 9789386850690

Author: Maxwell Pereira


Binding: Hardback

Publisher: Context

Pages: 280

Naina Sahni's murder and the discovery of her body being burnt in a tandoor in a restaurant in the heart of Delhi shook the country's conscience and galvanised the criminal justice system. What exactly happened that night? How did the accused, Sushil Sharma, Naina's partner and Youth Congress leader, manage to stave off conviction for more than a decade? What were the twists and turns in the case and how did the investigation manage to stay the course?

Maxwell Pereira, who was in charge of the case, gives us an insider's account of events as they unfolded, based on his notes and investigation reports as well as the many stories that appeared in the media.

A page-turner of a book, forthright and dramatic, with unexpected nuggets of information and insights into the way policing and the legal and political systems work in India, by someone who has seen it all.

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