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The Vanishing Generations by T. V. Varkey

The Vanishing Generations

T. V. Varkey

  • Rs. 699.00

ISBN: 9789386850010

Author: T. V. Varkey

Translator: A.K. Srikumar


Binding: Hardback

Publisher: Tranquebar Press

Pages: 620

The Paalat family was cursed. Or so the people of Kudamon believed. For seven generations, every young man who married into the Paalat family sired a daughter and died soon after.

When Isthaak's son Kunjilona married a Paalat girl, the village only expected the inevitable. Kunjilona however survived and set the family on the road to prosperity and a leading role in public affairs. The Paalats were soon the pre-eminent family of Kudamon.

The Vanishing Generations is the sprawling saga of one family, an entire community, the syncretic culture of Kerala and, indeed, religion, caste, social inequity and change. Even as Kunjilona, Kunchacko, Abraham, John Paul, Francis, Mathew and their clan live and love and strive against the forces of history, the novel unravels the tangled story of the Syrian Catholic Church and the many other significant events that resulted in definitive changes to Kerala society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

A much-loved epic of Malayalam literature, T.V. Varkey's magnum opus probes how historical events shape individuals and how people shape history. It is a saga at once uplifting and also reflective of the tragedy of modern times.

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