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Trust Within: Letting Intuition Lead by Molly Carroll

Trust Within: Letting Intuition Lead

Molly Carroll

  • Rs. 269.00

ISBN: 9781503942073

Author: Molly Carroll


Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Grand Harbor Press

Pages: 211

You already have all the answers.

We've all experienced it: that moment when a sudden, undeniable feeling floods us with certainty. Without knowing precisely how, we acquire insight into a situation and understand which path to take. Intuition is one of the most powerful decision-making forces in our possession. Yet instead of tapping into it, we frequently ignore it. We weigh arguments, make lists of pros and cons, and listen to every voice except the one that truly matters: our own.

In Trust Within, Molly Carroll explores the fascinating, multifaceted, and mysterious nature of intuition and the ways it can be harnessed to inspire better life decisions. Drawing on heartfelt stories from those who have learned from and lived by their intuition, Carroll encourages readers to access their own instincts through creative tools and techniques. As warm and engaging as it is practical, Trust Within is a must-read for all those who wish to embrace the innate power of their inner wisdom.

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