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What Is Populism?

What Is Populism?

Jan-Werner Muller

  • Rs. 439.00

ISBN: 9780141987378

Author: Jan-Werner Muller

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Penguin UK

Imprint: Penguin

Pages: 160

Essential reading on one of the most important phenomena of our time from a remarkable political thinker. Donald Trump, Silvio Berlusconi, Marine Le Pen, Hugo Chávez -- populists are on the rise across the globe. But what exactly is populism? Should everyone who criticizes Wall Street or Washington be called a populist? What precisely is the difference between right-wing and left-wing populism? Who are "the people" anyway and who can speak in their name? These questions have never been more pressing. In this provocative book, Jan-Werner Müller argues that at populism's core is a rejection of pluralism. Populists will always claim that they and they alone represent the people and their true interests. Proposing a number of concrete strategies for how liberal democrats should best deal with populists, Müller shows how to counter their claims to speak exclusively for "the silent majority".

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